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by DFW GERD Taskforce
Created Sep 25, 2021 | Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
$47,334 raised of $75,000 goal 63.11%
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ዳላስ ምን አለ! ግድቤን ለሰው አልሰጥም አለ!!!

Ethiopians, Ethiopian Americans, and Friends of Ethiopia of Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex have galvenized to raise over $164,000 as of 09/01/2021. The campaign continues until we reach our goal of $250,000 by the end of the year, 2021

DFW Young Ethiopian American Ambassadors have spoken! Create awareness by viewing and sharing our video:

100% of your donation goes to building the GERD. Please visit: for more details.
  • Bogale Aredo/EECA caps
    Bogale Aredo/EECA caps donated $160
  • Matthias berhanu
    Matthias berhanu donated $2,929
  • Martha Melaku
    Martha Melaku donated $100
  • Damena Metta
    Damena Metta donated $500

    I stand with Ethiopia

  • Neguse Kefyalew
    Neguse Kefyalew donated $150
  • Tigist Tesema
    Tigist Tesema donated $500

    It is my dam

  • Setotaw Gebeye
    Setotaw Gebeye donated $500

    It is my dam

  • Indrias Y Shebeshe
    Indrias Y Shebeshe donated $200

    It is my dam

  • Yonas Liben
    Yonas Liben donated $3,021

    Youth Fundraising Walk/Run Event

  • Mac A Mekonnen
    Mac A Mekonnen donated $2,974

    Youth Fundraising Walk/Run Event

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$200 4.00%
raised of $5,000
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