Lets Complete #GERD to elevate Ethiopians out of Poverty

by Endalkachew Tessema
Created Sep 05, 2021 | Los Angeles, CA. USA
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Lets Complete #GERD to elevate Ethiopians out of Poverty

We #Ethiopians are Strongly Determined to Support our Beloved Country, #Ethiopia in a way we believe is Fair and Right when it is trying to elevate its citizens out of poverty with its God Given right to use its Resources. We are building Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) to use it equitably and without harming the downstream countries. This Grand Project is financed 100% with Ethioians and we don't believe we owe anyone or ask a permission to use resources located in our borders. So here is a little contrbution to Support the GERD.
The Tessema-Fantaye Family (Tesfan)
  • Samuel Tessema
    Samuel Tessema donated $100

    I Give Because I care!

  • Surafel Tesema
    Surafel Tesema donated $100

    It’s my dam!

  • Amare  Tessema
    Amare Tessema donated $250
  • Endalkachew Tessema
    Endalkachew Tessema donated $250

    I give to GERD - Ethiopia because I Care.

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