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Ethiopian Embassy, Washington DC

by Ambassador Fitsum Arega
Created Aug 18, 2021 | Washington DC
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Dear Ethiopians in the diaspora,
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will transform Ethiopia, the region and beyond. When completed GERD will:
  • Provide electricity to more than 60 million people that are in the dark,
  • Empower women to save their time, energy and health gathering firewood and cooking like the ancient times,
  • Help women access safe hospital delivery, better healthcare and education for all and raise children with safety and security,
  • Unlock the economic opportunity by way of attracting business and millions of jobs,
  • Regenerate the ecosystem thereby improving the water level to the downstream countries which could lead to win-win cooperation.
We are proudly building the GERD with our own money, with the contribution of all Ethiopians. Diaspora Ethiopians have long sought to make their contributions to the GERD but were unable to do so for different reasons.
Let us demonstrate as a nation and people that in the face of adversity, we rise up to the challenge and be united by our responsibility to the home we all call Ethiopia!
Electric power to all Ethiopians!
Thank you,
Ambassador Fitsum Arega
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    @ " It's my Dam" @

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    The son of the nile thirsts for water

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