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by Hanna Bulcha
Created Jul 24, 2021 | United Kingdom
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This is Ethiopian's time to say goodbye to poverty. We will finished the construction of the Dam.

The Electricity generated by GERD will be going into the national grid of Ethiopia to fully support the development of the whole country, both in rural and urban areas.

The role of GERD will be to act as a stabilizing backbone of the Ethiopian national grid. Let us continue to donate what we have and help our poor mothers who carry woods on their back every day.
  • Selam semu shelki
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  • Henok Melaku
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  • Girma Nigussie Desta
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    ተባብረን ግድባችንን እንገነባለን።

  • Eliana Girma Desta
    Eliana Girma Desta donated $20
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