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Created Jul 18, 2021 | Washington DC
$24,870 raised of $100,000 goal 24.87%
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APUE invites you to take part in this historic fundrasing campaign to contribute for the completion of GERD. Everyone and every penny matters in the fight agaist poverty. If we all donate the maximum we can we will be able to give our country the big push it needs to escape poverty.

Completion of GERD, our greatest historic achievement since the victory of ADWA, is in the hands of each of us. Let us donate and encourage others to do the same.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $500

    I love my dam, I lived and studied in Chagni which is 42km away from the DAM

  • Dereje Bayu
    Dereje Bayu donated $50
  • Tadesse Arega
    Tadesse Arega donated $200

    We can make it together

  • Eshetu W/Michael Mr/Mrs
    Eshetu W/Michael Mr/Mrs donated $500

    May God bless Ethiopia and its people!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $20
  • Belaybesh Lagiso
    Belaybesh Lagiso donated $20
  • Mideksa B. Waktola
    Mideksa B. Waktola donated $100
  • Zeleke Beyene
    Zeleke Beyene donated $50
  • Fiker Balcha
    Fiker Balcha donated $100
  • Kebadu Belachew
    Kebadu Belachew donated $115
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